Ultimate List Of WordPress Development Tips

WordPress has emerged as the favourite tool for building blogs and websites. Presently, a number of bloggers are using it and are pretty much satisfied with it.

With each passing day, the popularity of WordPress is spiking. There is no doubt that it is one of the most prominent content management systems. It does not matter if you are using it for some time or are new to this platform, it is considered an incredibly powerful platform by everyone.

Let’s check out the ultimate list of WordPress development.

  • Hosting – As we know, the first step starts with the hosting. There is a number of options available to choose from and it can be varied in technology, quality of customer support service, performance,traffic limitations, server space, etc. We are recommending some of the best quality hosting services here: Site Ground, Pagely, Kinsta, WP Engine, and WordPress.com.Vidahost: It is one of the best for super-fast and reliable features. Apart from it, Vidahost is user-friendly and comes along with a highly active support. Though it is not cheap at all, but if you are not in the mood to do compromise, it is the best option to choose. It helps a lot to get a lot of traffic. Vidahost is also perfect to opt if you are looking to host multiple sites on a single server.
  • WordPress Themes – Next, WordPress experts would tell you to choose themes. The theme is all about the way your website will look. There is a plethora of themes available for both free and a charge. A wide array of themes is available to go along with e-commerce activity, portfolios, etc. Apart from it, premium themes are goods for creating complete structure. Here’s a list of popular directories of WordPress themes:
  • Theme Lab: It is loaded with a plethora of beautiful free themes.
  • Skin Press: Here cool themes are waiting for you to download and use without paying a penny.
  • org Themes: Though most of the stuff here is old and/or unattractive, you may get some beautiful, well coded free themes.
  • Smashing Magazine: It comes along with free themes, which are updated time to time.
  • Blog Oh Blog Themes: For quality themes and clean code, you may choose this one.
  • Marketplaces – Now, it is time to go to the next step called marketplaces, which a huge WordPress development And a couple of the best platforms are Creative Market and Envato Market.
  • Featured WordPress Plugins – To add different functions to your website, WordPress plugins are used. The new age version of WordPress goes along with it. WP Rocket, Jetpack, Akismet, Yoast, Backup Buddy, Visual Form Builder,W3T Cache, CM Tool tip Glossary, WP Events Plugin,etc. are some of the most well-known plugins. Anything you need done, from making a picture gallery or image slider to enabling auto-sharing on Facebook and URL shortening – there will be at least one WordPress plugin for that.
  • WordPress Development– If you are a developer or just new to it, you need to have a WordPress expert who knows a lot about the WordPress development benefits.Are you stuck in FTP file errors or is your custom CSS going wrong? You must go here, as these people will help you to come out of your troubles: WP Talents, WordPress.org, 10Up, WP Site Care, etc.

Contributed by Josh Holt. Josh hates it when people call him a web developer. He prefers the term user experience designer or a backend engineer more. Josh specializes in monetization of websites, making high ranking and fast loading websites, and working on the security front, especially necessary for ecommerce portals. His expertise is fully leveraged when he meets challenging clients with big projects. To know more about his work, Visit:







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