Web Development Trends in 2016

We are living in the world where everything revolves around technology. Every day – new things, tactics, and tools are being discovered in every field. It is required to go along with them if one wishes to remain in the cutthroat competition. So let’s take a look at 5 web development trends in 2016.

  1. Large backgrounds to impress the audience
    These days you’ll find out that the new age e-commerce website are already using large pictures and video backgrounds to fetch wide attention. The fact cannot be denied that in coming days it will cover a wide ground. Why? Well, it has emerged as a tool to keep the audience engaged with the website. This ensures longer sessions. And longer sessions directly translate into more revenue. The large pictures and video backgrounds also successfully deliver an impressive intro to the visitors.
  1. Images are more impressive than your content
    Serving only textual information isn’t a good practice for attracting customers. Someone has rightly said that an image is equal to a thousand words. And these days it is not a word that can push the audience to go through your web portal, but it is an image which can impress a lot. Actually, people don’t have very much time to spend on your website. They want information very quickly and nothing can be greater than serving information through images and videos. The videos also work a lot, given you can pull off high-quality work made by multimedia professionals.
  1. Dynamic product search to make your customers feel they’re buying the right stuff
    In 2016, the dynamics would be high in demand. And for this, web developers have to rely on JavaScript and Ajax. This new age technique plays a major role to help the customers to browse your website swiftly. These days a number of customers don’t have time to spend to browse a lot. To put it in other words, it helps a lot to the vendors who have a large amount of inventory to leverage dynamic product search. If you wish to feel it then you must head to JadoPado store. In the e-commerce web design industry, various kinds of website design trends have made entry.
  1. Motion animation to make the customer satisfied
    In the new age e-commerce web design industry, motion animation is being appreciated a lot. Motion animation makes customers feel satisfied and experience a memorable shopping experience. The fashionistas always wish to check out the product that they are going to buy and motion animation gives them satisfaction before purchasing that they are going to buy the right thing. There are many e-commerce sites belonging to jewellery, clothes, gifts, etc., genres that are using this technique in their e-commerce design.
  1. It is time to jazz up the shopping experience with card-like layouts
    Why should you go along with boring layouts if card-like layouts are here to entertain you in a lovely manner? This pattern has become popular in a very short time period. These days a number of e-commerce websites are using it and those who are not using it are going to use it pretty soon.It is a modern way of organizing different kind of topics and products in a way such that customers’ eyes get pleased. It is easy as well as responsive.

Written by Amy Bouchard. Amy is a design student who stepped into the field of web development by a chance. However, he started liking it when people started appreciating his skill and quality. He is known to get projects done fast and without errors. His aim always remains to have code coherence and ease of understanding.



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